Kalderetang Bibe

Kalderetang Bibe or duck caldereta (duck stew) is a well known filipino recipe, it is one of many variation for cooking caldereta recipe, caldereta can […]

adobong itlog

Adobong Itlog

Adobong itlog is a variation of Filipino adobo using hard boiled eggs. Adobong Itlog Recipe Ingredients: 5 pcs Eggs (hard boiled) ½ cup Oyster sauce ½ […]

Tokwa Sisig

This tokwa sisig recipe requires few and simple ingredients. It also easy to prepare and cook. It’s a healthy alternative to the traditional pork sisig […]

lutong bahay recipe - baka tim

Baka Tim

Baka Tim recipe is a special recipe you can master which simply best in taste and of course absolutely delicious. Baka Tim Recipe Ingredients: 1 […]

Lutong bahay - adobong tarlac

Adobong Tarlac

Adobong Tarlac is type of adobo popular in Tarlac, cooked with the usual ingredients like your choice of meat, soy sauce, vinegar, tons of garlic […]

lutong bahay - pancit bato

Pancit Bato

Pancit Bato – The history behind this name has nothing to do with stones. Although its translation means “rock noodles”, it is actually a type […]

lutong bahay - kinunot


The origin of the Kinunot is derived from the Tagalog term which means “hinimay” (flaked). One of the most famous type of kinunot is the kinunot na padi. This type […]

lutong bahay - adobo chino

Adobo Chino

Adobo Chino, not your usual Adobo. This is a Bicolano adobo variant my mother cooks for us. I don’t know why it’s called Adobo Chino or […]

Chicken Divan

This Easy Chicken Divan is a classic chicken casserole recipe. This dish is a family favorite. Follow our recipe guide below and let’s get cooking! Chicken Divan […]

Adidas Humba

Adidas Humba is a sweet chicken feet dish that resembles the famous adobong adidas in terms of appearance. This is popular in the southern parts of […]

lutong bahay recipe-pork laroca

Pork Laroca

Pork Laroca – This recipe is somewhat unfamiliar to you but it’s very easy to cook and delicious as well. Just follow our recipe guide […]