Binagoongan Isda sa Gata


This delectable Binagoongan Isda sa Gata is prepared by combining shrimp paste and coconut milk, resulting in a dish bursting with rich flavors. Bagoong, a […]

Chicken Bicol Express


Chicken Bicol Express is a filipino stew dish that’s cooked in coconut milk, ginger, garlic, and onion. The shrimp paste is added for saltiness while green chilies provides a mild spiciness to […]


Adobong Hipon sa Gata


Adobong Hipon sa Gata is a delicious and flavorful shrimp dish which is cooked using two methods: inadobo and ginataan. Adobong Hipon sa Gata Recipe Ingredients: […]




Homemade Dalgona Coffee


Everyone, talking about Dalgona Coffee, internet’s new favourite drink…… For a Coffee Lover like us, it surely looked good and we decided to try it out. In […]


Homemade Banana Flan


This banana flan is the version of mango float. Mango is a seasonal fruit while bananas are always available in the market (in tropical countries […]


Squash Pastillas


Squash is loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It contains protein, carbohydrates, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, and C. Squash contains high […]


White Wedding Cupcakes


White Wedding Cupcakes – You know, those long, drawn out ceremonies where everyone is stuffed in their frilly dresses and new stiff white shirts wishing […]


Cookies and Cream Polovoron


Cookies and Cream Polvoron – This particular version was a hit and the first to disappear from my poltroon basket. Crumbly, chocolatey with an extra […]






Sopas is so creamy and delicious. It is fairly easy to make and we are pretty sure anybody can make this at home. A few […]

potato long fries

Potato Long Fries


How to make Potato Long Fries | Fries for Business If you want to make Long Fries for Business, then you have come to the […]


Kwek-Kwek (Fried Quail Eggs)


Quail eggs are considered a delicacy in many countries, including Western Europe and Northern America.  In some other countries, quail eggs are considered less exotic […]


Ube Turon


This Ube Turon is another variation of Banana Turon which is a sweet crunchy snack originated from the Philippines. Banana Turon is made up of thinly […]


Japanese Milk Bread


Japanese milk bread is likely the lightest, fluffiest, most delicate bread you’ll go over. It’s the ideal regular portion, from sandwiches to toast, and is […]

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Lutong Bahay Recipe is a website dedicated in introducing different dishes in the Filipino Cuisine to the world. We feature various recipes like meals and snacks, which you can cook right at your own home. In fact, the term “lutong-bahay or lutong bahay” translates to “Home cooked”, and the site aims to help you with that. Filipino, Asian or not, you’re welcome to browse through the site for the best and popular Filipino dishes. Get the recipes you want, so you and your companions could have a great time on the table.


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With the diversity of Filipino cuisine, you need some guide that could help you learn cooking them by your own. That’s how Lutong Bahay Recipe could help you. This site presents the most popular Filipino dishes in simple recipes you can follow. That could help you come up with delicious dishes that you, your family and your friends could enjoy. You can have mouthwatering meals to try, like Adobo (pork or chicken braised in oil, soy sauce, vinegar and garlic), Dinuguan (pork blood stew), Pinakbet (eggplant, squash, tomato and okra mixed with shrimp paste), and Sinigang (pork, fish or shrimp sour soup) among others. Of course, don’t miss to have rice with your meals, which you can also cook in variations of fried rice.

Aside from those, you can enjoy your taste buds on flavorful desserts and snacks too. Know how to cook Puto (rice cakes), Leche Flan (caramel custard), and Graham Cakes among other goodies. The site also features facts, trivia and blogs about Filipino cuisine. This could help you learn more about the basics and complexities of Pinoy dishes, leading you to fantastic food discoveries that could satisfy your taste. Feel free to browse on Lutong Bahay Recipe, and find the recipes that you will love to try. Whether you’re Pinoy or not, Filipino cuisine is something everybody will enjoy.