Cream-O Balls

This Cream-O Balls is the easiest and affordable dessert you can make. Just by 4 ingredients you can make this lovely dessert, surely your kids […]

lutong bahay recipe - puto seko

Puto Seko

Puto Seko, also known as puto masa, are Filipino cookies made from ground glutinous rice, cornstarch, sugar, salt, butter, and eggs. They are characteristically white […]

lutong bahay recipe-mango tapioca

Mango Tapioca

Mango Tapioca is ideal for small food business this summer. Serve it chilled, and everyone will go crazy for more. It is simple to make […]

lutong bahay - suman sa ibus

Suman sa Ibus

Suman sa Ibus – Suman  or rice cake is a popular Filipino dessert. This kakanin is often served during merienda or even breakfast. There are several […]

lutong bahay - ginataang mais

Ginataang Mais

Ginataang Mais is a Filipino dessert made out of malagkit, coconut milk and whole kernel corn. Sometimes, langka, condensed milk and vanila are added. It is easy to […]

lutong bahay - minatamis na saging

Minatamis na Saging

Minatamis na Saging – Another sweet dessert which you can make is minatamis na saging or sweetened banana. The main ingredient of this recipe is saba. This […]

lutong bahay - tokneneng recipe


Tokneneng is boiled quail eggs, covered with batter then deep fried with vegetable oil. If you are fond of eating Filipino street foods, you’ll surely […]

lutong bahay - graham balls recipe

Graham Balls

Graham balls are dessert bites made of graham cracker crumbs, condensed milk and cream; they are shaped into balls and then coated with more crumbs. […]

lutong bahay - shakoy recipe

Homemade Shakoy

Shakoy Recipe is a native delicacy and an all-time favorite afternoon snack or merienda here in the Philippines. Shakoy is a kind of twisted fried […]

suman moron - lutong bahay

Suman Moron

Suman Moron is a smoother variety of suman. This chocolate moron that is made up of ground glutinous rice also known as “malagkit” being cooked […]