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About Lutong Bahay Recipe

Lutong Bahay Recipe is a website dedicated in introducing different dishes in the Filipino Cuisine to the world. We feature various recipes like meals and snacks, which you can cook right at your own home. In fact, the term “lutong-bahay or lutong bahay” translates to “Home cooked”, and the site aims to help you with that. Filipino, Asian or not, you’re welcome to browse through the site for the best and popular Filipino dishes. Get the recipes you want, so you and your companions could have a great time on the table.

What’s with the Filipino Cuisine?

Filipino cuisine is known to be the perfect fusion of the east and the west in the world of culinary, simply because of the various influences present all over the Filipino culture. Thus, you can easily see distinct native dishes in Pinoy recipes, along with Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Spanish and American food among others.

This goes back to the history of the archipelago, from the ancient time, arrival of Chinese traders, and the occupation of Spaniards from 1500’s to late 1800’s, to the influence of Americans who came on 1900’s. All having their distinct cuisines, which the archipelago have combined altogether.

Such fusion of cuisines doesn’t simply go side by side on a meal, but they could also go together in one dish. Like the popular Filipino Pork Menudo, for example, you can have the delicious blend of soy sauce and tomato sauce into one.

This have resulted into a diverse table of dishes, from full meals and snacks, to fantastic desserts and other delicacies. Today, these dishes are already intertwined with the entire Filipino culture, making them significant on any occasions.

What Lutong Bahay Recipe could do for you?

With the diversity of Filipino cuisine, you need some guide that could help you learn cooking them by your own. That’s how Lutong Bahay Recipe could help you.

This site presents the most popular Filipino dishes in simple recipes you can follow. That could help you come up with delicious dishes that you, your family and your friends could enjoy.

You can have mouthwatering meals to try, like Adobo (pork or chicken braised in oil, soy sauce, vinegar and garlic), Dinuguan (pork blood stew), Pinakbet (eggplant, squash, tomato and okra mixed with shrimp paste), and Sinigang (pork, fish or shrimp sour soup) among others. Of course, don’t miss to have rice with your meals, which you can also cook in variations of fried rice.

Aside from those, you can enjoy your taste buds on flavorful desserts and snacks too. Know how to cook Puto (rice cakes), Leche Flan (caramel custard), and Graham Cakes among other goodies.

The site also features facts, trivia and blogs about Filipino cuisine. This could help you learn more about the basics and complexities of Pinoy dishes, leading you to fantastic food discoveries that could satisfy your taste.

Feel free to browse on Lutong Bahay Recipe, and find the recipes that you will love to try. Whether you’re Pinoy or not, Filipino cuisine is something everybody will enjoy.


Lutong Bahay Recipe was created in the last quarter of 2018. It was started out as a Facebook page sharing homemade Filipino recipes. A lot of our followers suggested that we should create a website so they could easily browse our recipes. And so, here we are www.lutongbahayrecipe.com was born.

Our Mission

Lutong Bahay Recipe aims to share delicious homemade recipes to educate food enthusiast individual who loves  and enjoy cooking at the comfort of their home.

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