lutong bahay - inihaw na panga

Inihaw na Panga

Inihaw na panga or Grilled Jaws is a popular dish in the Philippines where soy sauce marinated fish jaws are grilled in charcoal commonly served as a beer […]

pesang dalag - lutong bahay

Pesang Dalag

Pesang Dalag is nother famous Filipino dish that you will surely love. Just follow the recipe guide below and let us start cooking. Pesang Dalag […]

pinangat na hito - lutong bahay

Pinangat na Hito

Pinangat na isda, also called pangat na isda, is a Filipino dish from Southern Luzon consisting of fish and tomatoes stewed in a broth soured with fruits like calamansi, bilimbi, tamarind, or santol. It can also […]

lumpiang bangus - lutong bahay

Lumpiang Bangus

Lumpiang Bangus (Milkfish Springrolls) a tasty springroll recipe is similar lumpiang shanghai but it is made from bangus or milkfish flakes instead of ground pork or beef . Lumpiang Bangus is another delicious variant […]

lutong bahay - fish tausi

Fish Tausi

Fish Tausi recipes that you would find anywhere differs from one cook to another. The Tausi or Douchi in Chinese is the black fermented soybean, […]

lutong bahay recipe-relyenong bangus

Rellenong Bangus

Rellenong bangus or relyenong bangus (Stuffed Milkfish) is a very special Filipino dish and considered a party dish of sorts. Not because any of the ingredients are prohibitively […]

lutong bahay recipe-totsong bangus

Totsong Bangus

Totsong Bangus or (milkfish in fermented tofu (soy cake) with tausi ) is one of the popular fish dish of the Filipino which is chinese in origin. Basically Totsong […]

lutong bahay recipe-ginataang tilapia

Ginataang Tilapia

Ginataang Tilapia – It has tilapia as the main ingredient and cooked in coconut milk or gata with some vegetables added.  Ginataang Tilapia Recipe Ingredients: […]