lutong bahay recipe-matcha puto

Matcha Puto

Have you tried the matcha puto yet! For the matcha will definitely enjoy this japanese flavored puto.  Matcha Puto Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups All […]

lutong bahay recipe-binagol


Binagol is a delicacy made from the root crop “Taro” or “GABI” in Filipino language. The name Binagol came from the word “bagol” which means […]

lutong bahay recipe-baklava


This Baklava recipe is much simpler for any Filipino kitchen or any country. Anyone can make a simple yet delish Baklava of the Mediterrenean! Baklava […]

lutong bahay recipe-choco jelly

Choco Jelly

This Choco Jelly recipe is definitely for chocolate lovers! Try this one. Choco Jelly Recipe Ingredients: 1 pack Mr. Gulaman Unflavored White Gelatin (25 grams) ¼ cup […]

lutong bahay recipe-chocolate donut

Chocolate Donut

Try this awesome Chocolate Donut for your snacks. You’ll surely love this. Chocolate Donut Recipe Ingredients: 250 gram of wholewheat flour 250 gram of ricotta cheese 200 gram of […]