lutong bahay recipe-pork laroca

Pork Laroca

Pork Laroca – This recipe is somewhat unfamiliar to you but it’s very easy to cook and delicious as well. Just follow our recipe guide […]

sinugba at ihaw

Sinugba at Kinilaw

Sinugba and Kinilaw is famously known as Sinuglaw, its a combination of two totally opposite dishes, both delicious in its own ways. Sinugba and Kinilaw are both types […]

lutong bahay recipe-chicken wanton mami

Chicken Wanton Mami

Chicken Wanton Mami is so simply delicious. No to much complications but will definitely hit any tastebuds. Chicken Wanton Mami Recipe Ingredients: 1 kilogram chicken, […]

Puto De Ube

Puto De Ube

Try this easy recipe on how to make Puto De Ube!  Grab those ingredients and let’s get cooking! Puto De Ube Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups mashed […]



Sapin-sapin is a layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert in Philippine cuisine. It is made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, water, flavoring and coloring. […]

adobong mani

Adobong Mani

Adobong Mani – Any peanut lovers out there? Adobong mani is probably the most popular way of how to cook peanuts here in the country. […]

lutong bahay recipe-crispy calamares

Crispy Calamares

Crispy calamares or deep-fried squid rings is a common appetizer in most Filipino restaurants and bars. It is even available as street food in some […]

lutong bahay recipe-puto malunggay

Puto Malunggay

This Puto Malunggay recipe is absolutely delicious and no malunggay after taste or smell.  Puto Malunggay Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups All Purpose Flour, sifted 2 […]

lutong bahay recipe-bulalo mami

Bulalo Mami

Bulalo Mami is the soup for the soul. A comfort food of every Filipino that warms up our hearts when feeling cold or just simply […]

lutong bahay recipe-beef afritada

Beef Afritada

Beef Afritada is derived from the Spanish word, fritada which means fried. This is a misnomer since afritada is a meat stew consisting of onions, tomatoes, red bell pepper and […]