lutong bahay recipe-paksiw na galunggong

Paksiw na Galunggong

Galunggong or mackarel scadis a popular fish in the Philippines. If you go to the local market or supermarket, you will always see galunggong lined up in trays. […]

lutong bahay recipe-poqui poqui

Poqui Poqui

Poqui poqui is an egg and eggplant dish known among the Ilocanos. Am not sure why this dish is named such. The main ingredients of […]

lutong bahay recipe-ice scramble

Ice Scramble

Ice Scramble – can easily buy at the Philippine malls but for those who reminisce this good ole street food treat, you can prepare one […]

lutong bahay recipe-kangkong with bagoong

Kangkong with Bagoong

Kangkong with bagoong is a simple yet delicious appetizer. This is another way of enjoying kangkong aside from adobong kangkong, kangkong salad, or adding it insinigang. Just blanch (immerse in […]

lutong bahay recipe-fried tilapia

Fried Tilapia

Tilapia is an all-time favorite. It is a versatile fish since it can be fried, baked, braised, and grilled. Since it has a mild flavor, […]

lutong bahay recipe-fish sarsiado

Fish Sarciado

Fish Sarciado refers to meat or seafood cooked in tomato sauce. For this dish, we will be using fresh tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. This […]

lutong bahay recipe-skinless longganisa

Skinless Longganisa

Here in the Philippines, there are several variations of longganisa in Vigan, Lucban, Pampanga and other regions. Vigan and Lucban longganisa is known for its garlicky […]