Kalamay  (Sweet Rice Dessert with Coconut Cream Topping) Kalamay Recipe Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups Glutinous Rice 4 cups Coconut Milk (or 1 can coconut milk […]


A popular Filipino treat with Japanese origins, halo-halo consists of a blend of fruits, sweet preserves, evaporated milk, and shaved ice. It is frequently topped with a […]

Puto Flan

Puto Flan is one the popular Filipino dessert similar to leche flan. This fluffy and delicious variation of the famous steamed rice cake, become the […]

Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly is a jelly dessert flavored with coffee and sugar. The combination of this two ingredients makes coffee jelly an extraordinarily simple dessert—it’s bouncy […]

Jelly Flan

The Jelly Flan is a gulaman or gelatin-based dessert with sugar, eggs and milk. This is similar and a much cheaper alternative to leche flan,  the look […]