lutong bahay - bangus sardines

Bangus Sardines

Bangus Sardines or milkfish sardines is composed of carrots and sliced pickle, siling labuyo or finger chili, bay leaves, peppercorn and clove. Since there are […]

Adobong Labong

Adobong Labong or bamboo shoots adobo is another easy yet healthy dish. Normally, the bamboo shoots sliced and boiled then cooked in a blend of […]

lutong bahay - shakoy recipe

Homemade Shakoy

Shakoy Recipe is a native delicacy and an all-time favorite afternoon snack or merienda here in the Philippines. Shakoy is a kind of twisted fried […]

lutong bahay - chocolate magic cake

Chocolate Magic Cake

Chocolate Magic Cake – You’ll enjoy all the essential dessert feels with this over-the-top tasty confection! Mix egg yolks, sugar, water, butter and vanilla until […]

lutong bahay recipe-adobong isda

Adobong Isda

Adobong Isda is another variety of the popular Filipino dish, adobo. If you are craving seafood, you can make this simple, delicious fish adobo quickly […]

lutong bahay recipe-cream biscuits

Cream Biscuits

Cream Biscuits – This biscuit recipe uses just two ingredients to produce tender, flaky, and delicious biscuits every time. A cream biscuit recipe definitely is […]

suman moron - lutong bahay

Suman Moron

Suman Moron is a smoother variety of suman. This chocolate moron that is made up of ground glutinous rice also known as “malagkit” being cooked […]

lutong bahay - adobong adidas

Adobong Adidas

Adobong Adidas is chicken feet stewed in vinegar with garlic. It was called “adidas” by the Filipinos because of the three long fingers strips of its […]

Atsarang Labanos

Atsarang labanos is a pickled radish. It goes well with my lechon kawali or fried fish recipes. The sweet-sour taste of this condiments really improves the […]