lutong bahay - pinangat na pompano

Pinangat na Isda (Pompano)

Pinangat na isda, also called pangat na isda, is a Filipino dish from Southern Luzon consisting of fish and tomatoes stewed in a broth soured with fruits like calamansi, bilimbi, tamarind, or santol. It can also […]

lutong bahay - dinakdakan


Dinakdakan is an Ilocano dish, somewhat similar to Pampango’s sisig. The Ilocanos have a wide variety of interesting dishes that we tend to crave after […]

lutong bahay recipe-suman


Suman is a rice cake originating in the Philippines. It is made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, often wrapped in banana leaves or […]

lutong bahay - lugaw


Lugaw, also spelled lugao, is a Filipino glutinous rice gruel or porridge. It is an umbrella term that encompasses various dishes, both savory and sweet. In […]