Almondigas is a comforting Pinoy dish made of meatballs and a thin noodles called miswa. It is good for rainy season or as much as […]


Pinakbet is a popular dish to serve at any Filipino gathering. It is a nutritious food consist of meat, vegetables cooked and flavored with bagoong. […]

Beef Kaldereta

Kaldereta or caldereta is commonly a goat meat stew with vegetables and liver paste, originated from the Philippines. This dish has many variations, you can […]


Escabeche is the name of the dish which is marinated and cooked in an acidic mixture (usually vinegar) and colored with a paprika or saffron. […]


Chopsuey is an American-Chinese dish consisting of meat and eggs, cooked quickly with vegetables such as bean sprouts, cabbage, and celery and bound in a […]

Banana Turon

Banana Turon is a sweet crunchy snack originated from the Philippines. It is also known as the lumpiyang saging (banana lumpia). Banana Turon is made […]

Mais Con Yelo

Mais con Yelo or Maíz con hielo is a creamy, sweet and refreshing snack food popular in the Philippines. This dessert recipe is made by […]

lutong bahay recipe - pork-hamonado 1

Pork Hamonado

This Pork Hamonado recipe will give you a mouth-watering dish you’ll surely love. There are many versions of pork hamonado and the only ingredient that is consistent […]

Pork Guisantes

Check out the proper steps in cooking Pork Guisantes, a pork stew cooked in a tomato based stock and vegetables like green peas. Pork Guisantes […]


Igado is an authentic Filipino Ilocano dish and is made from strips of pork loin meat and pork liver as the main ingredient. Igado Recipe […]

Milk Avocado

This one is absolutely mouth-watering dessert and easy to make. Many people like their avocados as a smoothie or avocado shake. It’s blended with ice […]

lutong bahay recipe - Pininyahang Manok

Pininyahang Manok

Pininyahang manok, commonly known as pineapple chicken, a Filipino dish consisting of chicken braised in a milk or coconut milk-based sauce with pineapples. Pininyahang Manok […]

lutong bahay recipe - sizzling Hotdog

Sizzling Hotdog

Elevate your regular hotdog into Sizzling hotdog with this sweet and spicy recipe. This dish is simple and quick to prepared for snack and breakfast […]