Chicken Tausi

Tausi, a well known Chinese food seasoning. It is usually included with some popular Chinese dishes, the taste is too salty but the fragrance is so appetizing. […]


Kalderetang Bibe

Kalderetang Bibe or duck caldereta (duck stew) is a well known filipino recipe, it is one of many variation for cooking caldereta recipe, caldereta can […]


Pininyahang Adobo

Pininyahang Adobo – Adobo is said to be the Filipino’s national dish. It comes in many different variations and using different ingredients  . Once can […]


Baked Bibingka

This Baked Bibingka is soft, cheesy and spongy and infused with the unique aroma of toasted banana leaves. Toppings are butter, grated cheese and salted […]