Romantic Valentines Cooking Tips for a Happy Day of Love

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You don’t need to spend big on Valentine’s Day to make your sweetheart happy. You only need to know the best romantic Valentines cooking tips for a unique day of love together.

Just hit the kitchen, and churn out some food that he or she would love to eat with you. That’s when these tips come in handy as your guides for crafting the best romantic dinner. Remember, one of the best ways to a person’s heart is through his or her tummy.

Here are the Romantic Valentines Cooking Tips You should remember

Think of His or Her Taste


“What food does your sweetheart love to eat? What are his or her favorite appetizers, main dishes, and desserts? Does he or she have any allergies? Are alcoholic drinks alright to serve?”

These are only a few questions to ask when planning for Valentine’s dinner with your romantic partner. You do not want to serve food that would disappoint your loved one. Or something that would break the mood of the night.

Say, your partner wants seafood. Shrimps, oysters, squids, and octopus dishes are some great considerations. If he or she is good with coconut milk, go for Laing. But avoid these when he or she has seafood allergies.

Use Fresh Ingredients


Fresh ingredients bring the best out of any food you cook. Along with other romantic Valentines cooking tips, it helps you serve a dinner that would make your sweetheart happy.

Why? Because ingredients that aren’t fresh tend to give lesser flavors to your dish. Fresh ingredients also help you avoid health issues that may come from spoiled items too.

Prepare a few Dishes


Next, plan to cook a few food items instead of just one. No, you do not need to prepare a full fiesta-style buffet. The idea is to prepare a few different dishes to satisfy you and your sweetheart.

For example, you can serve Lumpia along with Gisadong Pancit, instead of pairing it with rice. Put some desserts, such as Maja Blanca, Mango Float, or Leche Flan, and you’d surely enjoy a satisfying dinner.

Don’t miss some drinks, of course.

Keep Your Dinner Simple


Yes, you want to impress your loved one. But remember not to go overboard. Keep things simple for your Valentine’s day dinner instead.

Say, avoid mixing too many ingredients into your dishes. For example, you want to prepare Gisadong Pancit, avoid one that has offal, siomai, and shrimps altogether. Focus on a simple variant, such as pork or chicken pancit.

Simplicity keeps you away from serving food that your partner won’t like. It keeps things convenient as well, so you won’t drain all your energy from cooking. Remember, you need to stay cool for the night.

Consider Food that Can Heighten the Love Mood


Impressing your sweetheart with some food that you cook is great. But pushing things to higher love levels is even greater. That’s when aphrodisiacs come into play.

Aphrodisiacs are food items that help boost the libido of a person naturally. Common examples include chocolate, meat, avocado, red wine, oysters, chiles, and vanilla. And if you and your sweetheart love exotic foods, consider Balut and Soup Number 5 on the table too.

Prepare the Scene


Next on the list of romantic Valentines cooking tips is preparing your settings. Remember that dinner isn’t about taste buds alone. It involves other senses too.

You can have visual points such as making your food presentation nice and appealing. You can also turn off the lights and prepare some candles for a more romantic setting. Of course, do not forget a playlist of slow lovely music for your background too.

Take note, however, that you shouldn’t overdo things. Keep the settings pretty and simple to avoid a messy dinner.

Carefully Make a Plan


Lastly, carefully plan for your Valentine’s dinner to avoid undesirable outcomes. You wouldn’t want to run short of ingredients just before cooking. Or make your sweetheart wait for long hours while starving.

Plan a menu that you and your sweetheart would love. Be sure to prepare all the ingredients before Valentine’s Day. But do not buy too early to keep them fresh.

Also, consider preparing some food items a night before. Think of preparing your desserts especially when they need to be chilled.

You may need to cook some food earlier on that day too, such as the Lumpia fillings. But consider letting your sweetheart help with wrapping the Lumpia rolls for a unique bonding time.

Then, think of how you’d present everything in a nice setting. Put all the romantic Valentines cooking tips in this list together for a memorable dinner.

Make Your Sweetheart Happy with these Romantic Valentines Cooking Tips

Who needs to hit a costly restaurant when you can prepare a romantic dinner at home? And you can definitely enjoy a unique Valentine’s Day experience with your sweetheart too! Jot down these romantic Valentines cooking tips, and have a remarkable moment ahead.


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