Best of the Latest Food Trends in the Philippines You Must Try

latest food trends in the philippines
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A handful of the latest food trends in the Philippines are making rounds in social media networks these days. These are common foods that you probably hear or taste each day. But the creativity of some Filipinos are pushing them up the notch.

Put the pandemic situation in the picture, and you’d get the classic Pinoy adaptability and resiliency that reflects on the table too. That’s why most of the latest food trends circles on dishes that people can prepare with what they have at home. Or those yummy treats that they can receive through delivery for hassle-free snacks or meals.

And you should try these fascinating trends too. That, if you aren’t enjoying the taste bud experience that Filipinos are raving about yet. 

See the Latest Food Trends in the Philippines that Everybody Enjoy

1. Boom of Food Delivery

Food delivery instantly became a hit when people cannot go out of their houses because of the lockdown. Businesses with brick and mortar stores need to find alternatives for selling their products too. That is where delivery services come helpful for everybody in the pandemic situation.


Basically, customers only need to connect with a store for their orders. Then the store dispatches a rider that will deliver the product to the right customer. Food chains who already have their own delivery systems before the lockdown are taking a good advantage with this scheme. But other variations have come around as well.

Businesses that specifically provide food delivery services have become popular. Think of Food Panda or Grab Food among other delivery choices that the latest food trends in the Philippines include. That covers simple individuals who offer delivery services too.

And there are no signs that the food delivery industry would eventually slow down. Not even when the pandemic crisis finally ends.

2. Grilled Food

Grilled meat is one of the favorites of Filipinos all over the country. Currently, it is grabbing a new and different kind of attention because of the unique twists that grilled food sellers make with their dishes. 

First off, there’s the Korean Samgyupsal that involves plenty of thinly sliced grilled pork or beef. Served with Korean sauces and side dishes in a tray, it surely satisfies many Filipinos today. Some restaurants also offer take-out or delivery Samgyupsal kits, wherein customers can enjoy in their home. 

Aside from Samgyupsal, the classic grilled pork, fish and beef also receive some twists along with Filipino barbecues. They’re now available for delivery; meaning, people can enjoy grilled meat anytime without hassles.

3. Canned Good and Instant Food

Remember: people cannot easily go out because of the lockdown. Thus, they buy food that can stay in their storage for a long time.

This makes instant mami, pancit canton, hotdog, canned goods, and many other preserved foods a common selection for households these days. Not to mention that food packs from the government and donors often carry these products too.

In a snap, Filipino creativity has begun to work, and unique twists of such common and plain food come into reality. There’s the pancit canton with beef loaf and veggies, hotdog sisig, and even instant mami made to look like ramen among many other yummy outcomes.

4. Sweets and Baked Goods

Filipinos are known to have sweet tooth, and it is still obvious with the latest food trends in the Philippines today. Available sweets for delivery are selling big items such as cookies, brownies, revel bars, leche flan, mango float, cakes, etc.

The infamous ube Pandesal has instantly become a big sensation for many as well, and it has become an inspiration for many to come up with their own Pandesal variant.

However, Filipinos are enjoying their own baking experiences at home too. This is regardless of them having enough baking skills or not. Many prefer to buy sourdough for baking their own sourdough bread.  This is a great icebreaker for the dull and boring life inside the home for long months, since learning how to bake is surely an enjoyable process.

Another notable sweet that is making rounds on social media is the leche flan. This dessert looks simple, but is really difficult to make especially for beginners. That is why many Filipinos are sharing about their funny and fulfilling experiences when trying to make one.

5. Boba Milk Tea

This is a drink that originated from the tea-loving people of Taiwan and has since taken the world by storm. Of course, Boba milk tea is one of the latest food trends in the Philippines too.

As its name suggests, these are tea served with bubbly milk. Yes, it is called Boba or bubbly not because of the tapioca balls but because of the bubbles floating on the drink.

It is easy to spot stores or stalls that sell milk tea in almost every corner. Even the big coffee shop brands are incorporating Boba milk tea in their menu too. There are the classic tea flavors such as winter melon. But other fascinating flavors such as chocolate, black forest, vanilla and many others are there to suit different tastes as well. 

Try these Latest Food Trends in the Philippines at Your Home today!

Filipinos are always creative when it comes to doing fascinating twists with their food. That goes with their own local food or with dishes coming from abroad. And with the lockdown season giving a huge impact to everybody’s lives, the wonderful list of the latest food trends in the Philippines has come for all Pinoys today.


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