15 Handy Tips on How to Improve Cooking Skills Right in Your Kitchen

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Cooking is a complex skill that many Filipino want to master. Yes, there are dishes that are easy to make, but there are those that require some complicated techniques too. Thing is, improving your cooking skills would eventually help you learn how to make such complex food items. And learning how to improve cooking skills doesn’t necessarily mean enrolling yourself into a cooking class as well.

You can certainly do it right in your own kitchen! Follow these handy tips to help you start and move forward towards cooking mouthwatering dishes.

How to Improve Cooking Skills Efficiently

1. Begin by putting yourself on the right mindset. This is where every goal begin, so it is best to make it as the first step towards improving your cooking skills too. This will guide you along the way, knowing that cooking the best dishes wouldn’t be so easy.

2. Learn the basics of cooking. Chances are, you already know the most common cooking techniques such as frying, grilling or boiling among others. But the basics of cooking don’t end there. You must dig deeper towards other vital techniques and terminologies.

3. Learning the most essential cooking techniques requires you to practice on simple dishes. If you want to learn baking, for example, don’t go directly for cakes. Begin with simple pastries or breads. This helps you get a good grasp over a particular technique you’re practicing. It helps you avoid frustrations because of major failures too; meaning, it helps in keeping your fire burning from within.

4. Keep in mind that you’d need a lot of patience when boosting your cooking skills. First, the entire process would take you months or even a few years. And you won’t really complete it since cooking is a continuous learning process wherein you’d always learn something new. Second, you need patience for cooking each dish to avoid undesirable results. You must follow procedures and make sure you don’t skip or rush a step.

5. If you want to know how to improve cooking skills, always remember that you need the right equipment for it. No, simply having a pan, a spatula and any knife doesn’t help. You need the right tools to make yourself comfortable, efficient and speedy when cooking. Remember that each tool has certain purpose in making a wonderful dish.

6. Get yourself acquainted with the common and less popular ingredients. This helps you know each ingredients, and have a good control over them while cooking. Say, you want to cook soup, and you’re already putting in the squash and the spinach. If you know these two ingredients well, you’d put the squash first because it takes a long time to be cooked than the spinach.

7. Along with knowing different cooking ingredients, be sure to use fresh ingredients as much as possible too. This helps you achieve the best tasting dishes that carries the natural flavors of your ingredients. Yes, you can opt to freeze them when you don’t have time to visit the market every day, but they’d probably end up giving different taste or texture.

8. Practice drafting meal plans earlier. This is an important part of knowing how to improve cooking skills that many people skip. You don’t want to find yourself already heating the pot, only to discover that you don’t have salt anymore.

lazada cooking essentials

Meal planning helps you think of what to cook for all meals in a day or even a week. This is great for calculating your ingredients, buying all needed items, then refill what had ran out.

9. Learn many other dishes and goodies from different places. This is especially helpful for Filipinos who want to boost their cooking skills. Note that the Philippines has so many islands and regions, and each of them has different cultures and traditions. This means they probably have variations of popular dishes as well as unique food that you don’t know about. Learning more about local and international recipes helps you come up with unique styles and recipes along the way.

10. It is also helpful to learn cooking techniques, tips and styles from other people. Of course, you can buy a recipe book, or go online for such information. However, don’t miss to ask some family members or your friends for some inputs.

11. Always keep cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen. Yes, it is alright to become messy while cooking, especially when you’re still learning. However, do not leave any stain, spill and trash behind, and never let any contaminants reach your ingredients or finished dish. This is essential for health reasons as well as for keeping the quality and taste of your dish.

12. It is important to follow the tips on how to improve cooking skills, but do not let it stop your creativity and critical thinking to flow. When you’re cooking instant pancit canton , for example, it is important to follow its basic procedure as stated on the label. However, you can also add some steps or ingredients to make it suit your taste. Say, you can add a bit of water to the seasoning or even pairing the finished noodle with some spam.

13. Try pushing yourself further by cooking multiple dishes at once. This is perfect to practice when preparing food for a special occasion. Think of fiestas or birthdays among other festivities that Filipinos love. And don’t hesitate to ask for a hand from your family or friend when needed.

14. Expect to fail every now and then. Remember that failure is a part of any learning journey towards success. Just be sure to learn from your mistakes by taking note of what to avoid the next time you try.

15. Lastly, always practice what you learn. This helps in improving your cooking skills through time, and it keeps your skills from becoming rusty too.

Remember these Tips on how to Improve Cooking Skills!

These are 15 of the simple tips you should keep in mind about how to improve cooking skills. Do not give up so easily, and push yourself towards cooking success.


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