1/4 Cup rice vinegar 4 Tablespoon brown sugar 1/4 Cup ketchup 2 Teaspoon soy sauce

Kwek kwek

Tokneneng is a tempura-like Filipino street food made by deep-frying orange batter covered hard-boiled eggs. A popular variation of tokneneng is kwek kwek. The main […]

lutong bahay - banana cue recipe

Banana Cue

Banana Cue – Every time we crave for something sweet, we make this simple dessert called banana cue. According to Wikipedia, ‘banana cue or banana Q […]

lutong bahay - camote cue recipe

Camote Cue

Camote cue is another popular snack food in the Philippineswhich is made from camote or sweet potato. Similar to banana cue, slices of camote are deep fried and […]

lutong bahay recipe-tupig


Tupig is a popular native delicacy from Pangasinan which is made out of ground glutinous rice and coconuts strips wrapped in banana leaves then cooked […]