Trendy Homemade Food Business Ideas Philippines Has For You

Trendy Homemade Food Business Ideas Philippines Has For You
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The best homemade food business ideas Philippines has are bringing good profit to small entrepreneurs today. And you want to take a handful of income by selling food as well, right? That, after all, is a good idea considering that Filipinos really love different food tremendously. Not to mention that food is a vital need for everybody each day.

That is why you want to know the best trendy food ideas for a business startup. Something that is easy to sell, and something that you can do right in your own household kitchen. After all, you do not need a full business setup in a store or stall to begin earning.

Homemade Food Business Ideas Philippines has for Small Entrepreneurs

1. Rice Meals

Begin thinking about the most important food in the Filipino cuisine table: Rice. And you have a lot of options for a business that circles on rice meals. Do it right, and you’d surely earn big from it. 

Porksilog by anyelawan

Your first option is the basic rice and side dish combo. Yes, you can sell side dishes such as Adobo, Pork Chop, Fried Chicken, Afritada, etc. by their own. But selling them with rice gives more value to the coins of your customers.

You can choose to sell them in a carinderias setup, or buy some disposable plastic lunch boxes for offering packed lunches. Selling them in large cups with plastic utensils as rice topping combos is also a great idea.

Now, you can’t take fried rice out of the homemade food business ideas Philippines options too. Think of tapsilog, longsilog, tosilog, hotsilog, etc. These products are easy to sell especially to students. But put them in disposable lunch boxes, and you’d surely make them sell more because of convenience.

2. Snacks

Of course, you can sell snacks to satisfy the tummy or taste buds of your customers. Start with the popular pizza pies, burgers, hotdog sandwiches, fries, siomai, siopao, empanada, cakes, etc.

Image by chellielovesfood

But do not miss to consider Filipino delicacies such as bico, suman, bibingka, puto, kutsinta, and sapin-sapin among many others too. 

3. Street Food with a Twist

As the term suggests, street food are foods that are commonly sold on the streets of the Philippines. These include barbecue, fishball, peanut, and even isaw and balut among many other options.

Image by streetfoodinyourarea

Yes, you can sell them on the street like how other Filipino sellers do it. But putting them in more presentable and unique packages lets you sell them on other venues as well. Think of selling them through social media, or by offering them in events. 

4. Coffee

Filipinos love coffee as well. And it is perfect to have a cup when you want drowsiness to go away, or when being paired with delicious meals or snacks. 

Image by carina.fuer

This makes coffee perfect for students and workers in the Philippines. You can offer homemade cups of coffee, then simply deliver them on demand. Or opt for a complete coffee shop when possible. Leasing a coffee vending machine is another popular choice too. 

The best thing about coffee is the availability of different variants. It doesn’t even need to come hot when a customer wants to, especially when he or she wants a cup of ice coffee.

5. Cold Treats

Speaking of cold cups, there are many choices that are cool homemade food business ideas Philippines has today as well. Ice coffee or the popular milk tea is just a couple of them. Some other good products you should think about are smoothies, fruit shakes, soft ice cream, snow cones, ice candies, halo-halo, etc. 

Image by pagkaoneats

Even simple cold water, soda and cola sell big in the Philippines. And you have the hot climate to thank for that.

Just a side note, these products are great on sidewalks and bus terminals. But what most sellers fail to consider is selling these cold treats beside food stalls. You won’t compete with them. Instead, you’d complement each other’s business perfectly.

6. Preserved Goods

Selling preserved food is also a viable option here in the country. Think of tuyo, daing, bagoong, aligue, etc. These are well-loved Filipino food products that often sell big, as long as you know how to prepare them properly.

Image by papapak.bagoong

You can sell them in individual packs, in a set, or become a supplier to other food businesses.  For example, you can become a bagoong supplier to green mango peddlers, or to carinderias that sell Binagoongan. Selling these to sari-sari stores is also a good idea.

7. Pancit and Noodles

Last but definitely not the least, consider selling pancit or noodle products too. You have pancit palabok, miki, Malabon, bihon, sotanghon, and mami among many other noodles as choices.

Image by iam.ady

Some of these are sellable as side dishes in rice meals, but pancit sells best as a standalone dish. They are perfect as snacks or meals too, and almost everybody in the country loves noodles. 

Love Some of These Homemade Food Business Ideas Philippines has today?

Food business is surely flexible and profitable here in the Philippines. There is a really long list of options from different food categories, and the Filipino love for food would certainly show among your customers. Just pick one or few among these homemade food business ideas Philippines has today, and begin planning your business startup right away!


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