lutong bahay - pancit bato

Pancit Bato

Pancit Bato – The history behind this name has nothing to do with stones. Although its translation means “rock noodles”, it is actually a type […]



Laing (in Manila) or most preferably known as Pinangat in the whole Bicol region is one of the most famous dishes that all locals and […]

lutong bahay - sinapot


The Sinapot are usually made from saba bananas. In the Bicol version, it does not “fan” the bananas. Instead they are simply sliced lengthwise before frying in […]

lutong bahay - kinunot


The origin of the Kinunot is derived from the Tagalog term which means “hinimay” (flaked). One of the most famous type of kinunot is the kinunot na padi. This type […]

lutongbahay - binutong


Binutong is made up of glutinous rice with coconut cream that is wrapped in banana leaves. This is often served during breakfast or merienda, and is […]

lutong bahay - adobo chino

Adobo Chino

Adobo Chino, not your usual Adobo. This is a Bicolano adobo variant my mother cooks for us. I don’t know why it’s called Adobo Chino or […]

lutong bahay - hotdog waffle

Hotdog Waffle

Hotdog Waffle is a popular snack kids can’t get enough of … though nowadays, fillings range from savory meats to sweet desserts. These Pinoy waffles […]

Chicken Divan

This Easy Chicken Divan is a classic chicken casserole recipe. This dish is a family favorite. Follow our recipe guide below and let’s get cooking! Chicken Divan […]


If you’re rooting for a unique and pleasant dessert, then most people haven’t tried this new Pastimallows. It is a combination of pastillas and marshmallows. […]